About iCoordinator

iCoordinator™ (http://www.icoordinator.com), a web-based project management and collaboration software assist organisations to manage their projects & resources effectively with high degree of collaboration capabilities. iCoordinator™ covers a wide variety of areas that can make the organizations to function effectively, provides higher productivity and makes the collaboration efforts highly successful. Some of the areas covered in iCoordinator™ are project management, document management, web content management, income and expense tracking, time tracking, contact and resource management.

iCoordinator™ is developed by Designtech Solutions (http://www.designtech.se). Based out of Luleå, Sweden, Designtech Solutions deliver web-based solutions for effective and secure information handling for companies, organizations and governmental institutions in the global market. Designtech’s innovative web-based collaboration solutions are used in a wide variety of industries across the globe, from corporate organizations to governmental institutes.